BIFMA India provides BIFMA X5.1 testing services in India. ANSI/ BIFMA X5.1 General Purpose Office Chairs – tests – was released in 2017 and replaces the May 2011 edition. We are a leading furniture testing & consulting company in India providing you know how of BIFMA standards. We are the first company in India to provide BIFMA testing & BIFMA consultancy services. If you are interested in BIFMA compliance we find the path for you. Being a leading BIFMA consulting company of India we are able to guide you on every aspect of BIFMA compliance.

Why Us

we offer customized and comprehensive BIFMA testing services to evaluate the safety, durability, and structural suitability of general-purpose office furniture. With a testing facility in Mumbai, India, we can provide samples directly from store shelves for such testing as retail audits and comparison testing. We are happy to provide BIFMA testing or any other test that your furniture needs. We can also develop a custom test for you in cases where a regulatory standard may not exist. On site product testing is a crucial part of what we provide during any new product’s development cycle. Over the past few years our testing needs have grown, and with that so has our lab.


Established in 1973, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association(BIFMA) International is a not-for-profit organization. BIFMA serves businesses that are primarily engaged in design, development, marketing and fulfillment of office and institutional furniture products. BIFMA develops voluntary product and industry standards that support safe, healthy and environments.

This Standard was developed by the Joint Committee on Business and Institutional Furniture Sustainability using the consensus process described by the American National Standards Institute. The Committee was created by the BIFMA and NSF International. (Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting public health and safety worldwide.).

The purpose of this voluntary Standard is to provide measurable market-based definitions of progressively sustainable furniture. This Standard provides a pathway towards sustainability by establishing measurable criteria for multiple levels of achievement and/or performance.

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We provide BIFMA testing services in India.

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