Why BIFMA Compliance

All most all big business giants worldwide are member of BIFMA & they have made it their buying requirement / condition. BIFMA is the most trusted parameter of furniture safety worldwide. Most of government & private agencies are interested in buying BIFMA compliant furniture. Today most of furniture buyer demand that goods should be manufactured to meet requirements for, many are also insisting that manufacturing processes are Safe, Clean and Environmentally friendly, BIFMA fulfills all these requirements. BIFMA certification Increase your product acceptance by showing your level of commitment to the environment.

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BIFMA testing is an valuable marketing tool that reassures buyers of a company’s credibility, while serving as a key differentiator. BIFMA standards provides you enhanced brand protection with reduced risk & also increases customer confidence and satisfaction.

Be confident and provide reassurance to your customers that your office furniture is safe, legal and fit for purpose in accordance with the very latest standards by BIFMA, the recognized experts for the furniture industry. BIFMA compliance allows the consumer to know how much testing a particular piece of furniture has gone through, should it be listed as passing BIFMA compliance?